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User Manual

Objective and Goal

Department of Computer Systems and Communications is a unit in the Faculty Of Computer Science and Information System. It has its own direction and goal, which are generally supporting the direction and goal of faculty and university.

Goal of Department of Computer and Communication System is to be a catalyst in order to exist an excellent education institution in information system field.

The objectives of Department of Computer and Communication System are:

To outcome the IT professionals who have knowledge in computer system field.
 To revise and evaluate the curriculum activities
 To revise and evaluate the subject syllabus
 Using the IT equipments and facilities in teaching and learning
 Increase the lecturers' knowledge
 Cooperate with the industries

Doing the research and developments for computer network, data security, system software and computer architecture fields.
 Identify the possible leader and the project/research
 Produce the paperworks from the research

To spread the knowledge of department expertise fields inside and outside of UTM.
 Provides related courses
 Produces academic materials

Be an IT references center on department expertise fields
 Develops the department's homepage
 Gathers the electronic form of academic information and materials

Contact Information

Department Of Computer Systems And Communications
Faculty Of Computer Science And Information System
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM Johore

Phone : (607)553 2006
Fax : (607)556 5044

Head of Department:


Portal Bank Soalan Subjek Matematik
Ahmad Albab Ibrahim